1. greyd-setup(8)
  2. greyd-setup(8)


greyd-setup - parse and load file of spammer addresses


greyd-setup [-bDdn] [-f config]


The greyd-setup utility sends blacklist data to greyd(8), as well as configuring mail rejection messages for blacklist entries.

When greyd-setup is run in blacklist only mode, it also sends blacklist data to the firewall greyd-blacklist table (or IPSet if using netfilter firewall driver). The ⟨greyd-blacklist⟩ table must then be used in conjunction with a firewall redirection rule to selectively redirect mail connections to greyd(8).

The options are as follows:

-f config

The main greyd configuration file.


Blacklisting only mode. Blacklist data is normally stored only in greyd(8). With this flag, data is stored in both greyd(8) and the firewall. Use this flag if greyd(8) is running with the -b flag too.


Daemonize; run greyd-setup in the background.


Debug mode reports a few pieces of information.


Dry-run mode. No data is shipped.

Lists are specified in the configuration file greyd.conf(5) and are processed in the order specified in the lists tag in the setup section, for example:

section setup {
    lists = [ "nixspam", "uatraps" ]
    curl_path = "/usr/bin/curl"

with the following list definitions:

blacklist nixspam {
    message = "Your address %A is in the nixspam list",
    method  = "http",
    file = "www.openbsd.org/spamd/nixspam.gz"

blacklist nixspam {
    message = "Your address %A has sent mail to a ualberta.ca spamtrap\\\\n
               within the last 24 hours",
    method = "http",
    file = "www.openbsd.org/spamd/traplist.gz"

The http method specified in the above blacklist definitions will instruct greyd-setup to fetch the lists using curl.

Output is concatenated and sent to a running greyd(8). Addresses are sent along with the message greyd will give on mail rejection when a matching client connects. The configuration port for greyd(8) is found from the config_port configuration option in greyd.conf(5) (which defaults to port 8026).

greyd-setup reads all configuration information from the spamd.conf(5) file.

greyd-setup is Copyright (C) 2015 Mikey Austin (greyd.org)


greyd.conf(5), greyd(8), greydb(8), greylogd(8)


Much of this man page was taken from the OpenBSD manual, and adapted accordingly.

  1. December 2019
  2. greyd-setup(8)